The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Assistant?

The term Virtual Assistant has evolved through all these years, but let me give you 3 practical definitions from credible Virtual Assistant mentors:

Based on these definitions, we can say that a Virtual assistant is a hired professional skilled for performing various tasks to support an offshore or local client with their business through internet technology.

What Are The Types of Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Assistants can be classified into 3 types: Employees, Independent Contractors and Subcontractors.

Employee VAs

An employee is hired for a specific job or to provide labor and who works in the service of someone else (the employer).

Employee VAs are either based in an office or work from home. Some companies who hire employee VAs train their staff in their office and later give them the option to work from home.

Independent Contractor VAs

An independent contractor is a person who contracts to perform services for others without having the legal status of an employee.

Subcontractor VAs

Subcontractors undertake a contract from an independent contractor.

What Are The Usual Tasks of Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Assistant tasks depend on a VA's specialization and the requirement of the client. Here is an example of a few tasks that VAs usually do:

Who Needs The Services of a Virtual Assistant?

With the booming industry of Virtual Assistance, I can say that there will never be scarcity in clients who are willing to hire a Virtual Assistant. Here's a list of typical clients:

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Earn?

Earnings of a Virtual Assistant can be compared to earnings of any professional. It depends on various factors like:

  • competitiveness of your rates
  • services you offer or your specialization
  • number of clients you have
  • your personal traits and professionalism

So, really, your earnings as a Virtual Assistant are limitless. The only thing that will limit your earnings is (wait for it) - you.

What Are The Things You Need To Have To Become a Virtual Assistant?

Don't worry too much about the things you "need" before you even start because you will actually figure out what you need as you go along your Virtual Assistant journey. There are 6 essential things that you must have. 3 of which can be easily bought while the other 3 are things you either have or don't ;) .

    1. Reliable computer and stable internet connection
    2. Work for hire agreement template
    3. Tools: Gmail, Skype, and PayPal
    4. Positive attitude
    5. Resourcefulness
    6. Right Mindset